At Diamond Leisure, our aim is to increase your venues coin-operated machine profits. With over 50 years combined experience our proficient and friendly team can assure a significant rise in profits, service and customer satisfaction.

Diamond Leisure has become the unrivalled leading independent Gaming And Amusement Machine Operator in Blackpool and across the North West of England.

Being independent and not tied to any specific suppliers gives us the freedom to pick and choose from all the latest top performing models from the leading companies and manufacturers across the UK.

The suppliers we use are well known for setting the standards high with unparalleled cash box takings on their equipment, Diamond Leisure only invest in the best equipment, the best equipment is never cheap, but the best equipment always generates the most money.

Diamond Leisure supplies the latest Gaming and Amusement Machine equipment including fruit machinespool tablesjukeboxesquiz machinesboxing machines and arcade equipment to pubs, clubs, bars, members clubs, snooker halls, hotels, bowling alleys, caravan parks and cinemas.

All equipment is available on highly competitive rates on hire, rent or free on profit share agreement. We are licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission to supply, maintain and repair all types of gaming machines and equipment in the UK.

If you have a venue anywhere in Blackpool, Preston or the North West and beyond please do not hesitate to contact us for a private friendly discussion about bringing the latest equipment into your venue, giving your customers what they deserve and most importantly making the most potential revenue.

We stay AHEAD OF THE GAME by focusing on keeping cash box figures high, its important to keep your customers playing we do this by sourcing the best equipment available on the market, always keeping you up to date with the latest trends and provide unrivalled maintenance speed and quality.